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Epicurus had his garden, Socrates had the streets, Shakespeare stood on stage; I’m just hanging out under a bridge.

Marcus Aurelius had his Meditations journal; I’ve got this blog.

It’s a diary that reveals my depth, a poetic platform, a vehicle that allows my voice to travel, and a spot for ‘the strange’ to no longer be strangers to one another.

Far from leading any armies or challenging the state, I’m just trying to sort out my own life. This means understanding what it’s all about in the first place; what makes it enjoyable, worth living, and well spent, amongst many other things.

As I’ll admit, I do feel kind of lost at times – in thought and in life. But I believe it’s all about the journey not the destination. Daring to go through the ‘woulds’ of life and follow the bread crumbs to our better selves.

I write from the perspective of a character simply known as “Boy,” because it’s relatable.  I believe there is a child in all of us that remembers how to openly express themselves; to play, laugh, love, and dream; and to just be genuinely happy – something we seem to strive harder and harder for as we get older.

As I discover myself and ways to fill my pervasive sense of emptiness, I want to help others to do the same; I want to show people that we’re all capable of making a difference – while being different; and I want to leave the footprints behind of an example to be followed.

I still have much growing and learning to do – but you’ll be surprised at the wisdom that I have wedged between my wise-ass remarks.

So wherever you’re heading, I’m sure my blog can give you something to wonder about as you wonder. Or maybe you can give me some direction. After all, we’re all on this journey together.


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9 thoughts on “Meet The Boy

  1. Aloha from Hawaii,
    I had a question about training shoulders. This led me too It led me to the forum. Which led me to the responses concerning shoulders and ultimately to Boy under the bridge. I read a few of your passages. It reminded me of my own journey a few years back. The ability for you to percieve the world, its situations and circumstances in the way that you do is a blossoming lotus from the divine. It will only continue to blossom and open itself to its full grandeur. True self has begun to transcend the mind. The mind with its ego and limited perceptions is waning in the light of the true self. In one of your writings you wrote that you are not enlightened. I am here to tell you that you are. We dont need to “achieve” enlightenment. There is nothing you have to “do” to be enlightened. You are enlightened now and always have been.
    Enviornment, past conditioning, society, etc have covered and cloaked it from you. We are lead to believe we are something that we are not. I can tell however that layer by layer it is being peeled away from that construct of the mind.your clarity of true seeing is opening up and allowing intellectual paradigm shifts within your mind which in turn touches pure consciousness. When this happens we feel the rightness in all things, even if it is first percieved of as being a bad situation. It Is just that, a situation neither good nor bad. It merely is. Continue on brother. We are instruments of the divine, expressing our lives step by step from within the divine. As divinity itself. What is the distance we must travel for enlightenment or to become enlightened? There is no recordable or measurable distance to it. It is here and now behind the veil of mind illusion. It is not far away, it is merely the distance of a thought that seperates unenlightened and enlightenment. We are that already, we just need to allow ourselves the freedom to see it. We are many around the globe, no one is ever alone, pure consciousness binds us all. These words arent from my identity. It flows like water on the page. Consciousness using the body instrument to write, pure consciousness recognizing pure consciousness. Witnessing itself in another body instrument halfway around the world. As Boy under the bridge
    Take care- Namaste
    Now i’m gonna blast away at dem shoulders!!

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  2. Hey there,

    Had a read of your blog and I can see similar ideas in you as myself. I assume you are from Brisbane area, I live in the same area (GC and Brisbane). email me or look me up on facebook. I believe we as humans are the sum of our influences, and I like to surround myself with likeminded people. Talk soon mate.

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  3. Surprised I went to your site? More surprised that I have left a response? In light of our converse at L.C. C. H. today, I might reprise my position re you. Cryptic enough…?

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