A Message to a Memory


postcard bday

Have you ever been fighting for so long, that you forget what you’re fighting for?

In my case it’s caring.

Caring, not necessarily for the ‘one that got away,’ but one that has ‘gone’ away… and been gone, as well as unheard from, for 5 years now.

But still a special one none-the-less. The one who introduced me to so many things – not just in regards to what it’s like to be in love, and human – but what it’s also like to be ‘me.’

And being me means not forgetting my promise, even if it feels like I’ve forgotten you.

A promise that I’ll always be there, at the least, to give you my well wishes on your birthday.

So here it is, about to make its way through the mail, across the ocean, and on the assumption that I still know at least one thing about you… your birth date.

I guess it’s something that will never change – just like ‘me.’



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